How to enjoy N.A.M.

A guide on how to enjoy the Nagoya Antique Market. Please read below on how to spend a perfect day at NAM!



Even if you can't fall asleep the night before from excitement, the early bird gets the worm at NAM! Make sure to go to bed early and leave first thing in the morning. The Higashi Betsuin Temple is right next to the station, so you can easily visit using public transportation!

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There is a limited number of free parking spaces available at the venue, so please park in a nearby paid parking lot when the lot is full.
If you have purchased large or heavy items, please do not worry. There is a loading area inside the venue, so you can return to your vehicle and pick up your items later.

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There are three reception desks located at the Sanmon Main Gate, East Gate, and West Gate, where you can purchase wristbands to enter the venue.
There is an exclusive reception for those who have purchased presale tickets. Presale ticket holders will receive an exclusive sticker. If you purchase a 2-day-pass, you can save ¥400!

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Please wait in line until the doors open. Use the time to think about what order you will visit the stores in. If you have purchased your ticket online in advance, you will receive your wristband before the doors open and you will be able to enter the venue right when the doors open.

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America? France? North or East Europe? There are toys and picture books everyone wants to have a look at!
You may be wondering what to buy and when to buy it.
Feel free to pick up an item and ask the shopkeeper. Does it have a story? What value does it have? An epiphany will hit you and you might just…

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We are not gonna lie, the food selection at NAM is awesome!
There are food trucks, food stalls, and a plethora of sweets stores. There are just too many places to visit in two days. Even our staff has a hard time deciding on what to get (For real!).

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Secondhand clothes


In front of the Sanmon Main Gate you will find a dedicated area for secondhand clothes.
You can not only find American T-Shirts and Band Shirts, but also French, European, and Retro-Pop stalls each with distinctive styles.

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Now that you've filled up on the delicious food and enjoyed all the other contents, it's time to get back to the main antiques.
You may pick up that item you have been thinking about all morning. Or maybe it is already gone?
People who are into American junk might end up getting something from the Netherlands or Germany. People who came to buy tableware might end up buying a cabinet for their tableware.

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The special events RETRO MARKET and GREEN FREAKS will be held simultaneously at the Higashi Betsuin Kaikan Hall directly next to the venue! On the first floor, there will be more than 10 stores selling retro Showa-Heisei era goods. On the second floor, there will be many maniac plants that NAM visitors are sure to enjoy!
Additionally, there is the SOKO MARKET, which will be held at a separate venue just north of Higashi Betsuin. It is an indoor market where visitors can enjoy drinks until 9pm. SOKO MARKET will only be held on the first day of NAM.
There will also be a stamp rally with prizes, small live music performances, street snapshots, and many other fun activities to enjoy on both days.

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