Antique Market

vol. 13



The 13th Nagoya Antique Market
2023.11.25 ~ 26

This time, TMpaint and the world-renowned low blow artist Rockin’JellyBean collaborated on the design.

Each poster will be double-sided with an illustration of one of the artists on each side. T-Shirts of the NAM mascot will be available in design variations of both artists.

The special events RETRO MARKET and GREEN FREAKS will be held simultaneously at the Higashi Betsuin Kaikan Hall directly next to the venue! On the first floor, there will be more than 10 stores selling retro Showa-Heisei era goods. On the second floor, there will be many maniac plants that NAM visitors are sure to enjoy!

Additionally, there is the SOKO MARKET, which will be held at a separate venue just north of Higashi Betsuin. It is an indoor market where visitors can enjoy drinks until 9pm. SOKO MARKET will only be held on the first day of NAM.

There will also be a stamp rally with prizes, small live music performances, street snapshots, and many other fun activities to enjoy on both days.
Original T-Shirt